Distribution of coconut stick insect, Graeffea crouanii and its parasitoids in selected islands of Fiji / Aradhana D. Deesh, Bal N. Swamy and Mohammad G.M.Khan

Suva, Fiji :Ministry of Agriculture ,2013


The coconut stick insect, Graeffea crouanii (Le Guillou) (Orthoptera : Phasmidae) , known as 'mimimata' in Fiji, is a widespread economic pest of coconut palms in Fiji and in many Pacific Island countries. This study on the G.crouanni in Fiji provides significant recommendations for further management of G. crouanni in coconut farms.
Insect pests -- Fiji
Coconut -- Diseases and pests-- Fiji
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Coconut palm -- Diseases and pests-- Fiji

Fiji Agricultural Journal/journal article

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