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020 _a982343011X
040 _aSN
072 _aGE
111 _aPacific Regional Agricultural Programme. Annual meeting of collaborators (2nd : 1996 : Port Vila, Vanuatu)
245 _aAgroforestry research and practices in the Pacific
_breports and papers from the Second Annual Meeting of Collaborators [sic.], Port Vila, Vanuatu, 22-26 April 1996
_cscientific editor: Steve Rogers, publication editor: Peter Thorpe
260 _aSuva
_bPacific Regional Agricultural Programme
300 _axviii, 312 p
440 _aPRAP report
500 _aIncludes papers and reports from around the region
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references
505 _tCountry report for Vanunatu: steps to farming systems research and extension
_rFrazer Bule and Veronika Schwanz
505 _tCountry report for Fiji: planning for on-farm agroforestry research and sustainable farming
_rTaito Nakalevu
505 _tCountry report for Western Samoa
_rSteve Hazelman, Toto Iosefa and Steve Rogers
505 _tCountry report for Tonga: Tongatapu
_rSiua Halavatau
505 _tCountry report for Tonga: Vava'u: agroforestry development in Vava'u
_rTaniela Hoponoa, Taniela Foliaki and Mana'ia Halafihi
505 _tCountry report for Papua New Guinea
_rH.S. Hoko and W.D. Humphrey
505 _tEvolutionary agroforestry: traditional Pacific Island agroforestry as a foundation for modern agrforestry development
_rRandy Thaman
505 _tPapua New Guinea highlands agroforestry
_rBire Bino
505 _tState-of-the-art of farming systems research in the Papua New Guinea lowlands
_rW.D. Humphrey
505 _tAtoll agroforestry
_rWieland Kunzel
505 _tAgroforestry in Tonga: state-of the-art research findings and practices
_rSiua Halavatau, T. Hoponoa and T. Foliaki
505 _tPRAP agroforestry research in Western Samoa
_rTolo Iosefa and Steve Rogers
505 _tAgroforestry is not working
_rSteve Rogers and Tolo Iosefa
505 _tFactors affecting the development of agroforestry in Western Samoa
_rM. Iokopo
505 _tInstitutional development of agroforestry in Fiji: 1880 to 1996
_rDavid Howlett, Amar Singh and Taito Nakalevu
505 _tGender and agroforestry
_rMereseini Nagatalevu
505 _tAgroforestry in the Solomon Islands
_rJerry Rua
505 _tMPTS trials in the South Pacific
_rDick Morton
505 _tAgoforestry in Southeast Asia
_rChun K. lai
505 _tPresentation of some GDS activities in Fiji: agroforestry trees and their uses in Fiji
_rHerbert Radler
505 _tThe family food production and nutrition project: UNICEF in the Pacific
_rCath Barker
505 _tVanuatu Department of Forestry: Extension Section
_rJohn Hook
505 _tVanuatu Pasture Improvement Project
_rThomas Bangalini
505 _tFSP/Community and environment forestry project
_rHanson Kalo and Stanley Womak
505 _tThe IBSRAM PACIFICLAND Network: tackling land degradation in the South Pacific
_rDavid Howlett
505 _tSouth Pacific Forestry Development Programme: agency statement
_rEdwin Teunissen
505 _tOverview of the Asia-Pacific Agroforestry Network
_rChun K. Lai
505 _tAn Agroforestry Information Kit for the Pacific
505 _tThe Information Kit approach
_rChun K. Lai
505 _tFramework for an Agrofoestry Information Kit for the Pacific
650 _944050
700 _957290
_aRogers, Steve
700 _957267
_aThorpe, Peter
852 _aNOU
_k634.9995 ROG 1996
942 _k634.9995 ROG 1996
999 _c18468