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245 0 0 _aStatistical methods for human rights
_cJana Asher, David Banks, Fritz J. Scheuren, editors
260 _aNew York
300 _axxi, 339 p.
_c24 cm.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index
505 0 0 _gIntroduction
_rJana Asher
_tThe statistics of genocide
_rMary W. Gray and Sharon Marek
_tWhy estimate direct and indirect casualties from war? The rule of proportionality and casualty estimates
_rBeth O. Daponte
_tStatistical thinking and data analysis : enhancing human rights work
_rJorge L. Romeu
_tHidden in plain sight : X.X. burials and the desaparecidos in the Department of Guatemala, 1977-1986
_rClyde Collins Snow, Fredy Armando Peccerelli, Josâe Samuel Susanâavar, Alan G. Robinson, and Jose Maria Najera Ochoa
_tThe demography of conflict-related mortality in Timor-Leste (1974-1999) : reflections on empirical quantitative measurement of civilian killings, disappearances, and famine-related deaths
_rRomesh Silva and Patrick Ball
_tAfghan refugee camp surveys in Pakistan, 2002
_rJames Bell, David Nolle, Ruth Citrin and Fritz Scheuren
_tMetagora : an experiment in the measurement of democratic governance
_rJan Robert Suesser and R. Suarez de Miguel
_tHuman rights of statisticians and statistics of human rights : early history of the American Statistical Association's Committee on Scientific Freedom and Human Rights
_rThomas B. Jabine and Douglas A. Samuelson
_tObtaining evidence for the International Criminal Court using data and quantitative analysis
_rHerbert F. Spirer and William Seltzer
_tNew issues in human rights statistics
_rDavid L. Banks and Yasmin H. Said
_tStatistics and the Millennium Development Goals
_rDavid J. Fitch, Paul Wassenich, Paul Fields, Fritz Scheuren, and Jana Asher
_tUsing population data systems to target vulnerable population subgroups and individuals : issues and incidents
_rWilliam Seltzer and Margo Anderson
650 0 _aHuman rights
_xStatistical methods
700 1 _aAsher, Jana
700 1 _aBanks, David L.
700 1 _aScheuren, Fritz
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