Food and other crops in Fiji

Food and other crops in Fiji :an annotated bibliography / T.K. Lim and E.M. Fleming

Canberra :Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research ,[1998?]

378 p. ; 24 cm.


ACIAR monograph series no. 55

Production topics covered in this bibliography are grouped into: agricultural development planning and policies, land tenure, agricultural economics, marketing, geography and statistics, agricultural extension, education, information and research techniques, agricultural production practices and farming systems -irrigation and water management, cultural practices and farming systems, soil management, soil conservation and plant nutrition, crop introduction, distribution and description, insect pests, plant diseases and weeds (including general plant protection), weedicides, pesticides and their application technology, plant tissue culture and biotechnology, post-harvest handling, grading, processing and technology, food and human nutrition. Crop categories covered are: pulses, legumes and leguminous trees, vegetables, rice and other cereals, fruits (bananas, papaya, pineapple, breadfruit, citrus, passionfruit, guava, mango, melons), nut crops, beverages (cocoa, coffee, tea, kava), spices (vanilla, pepper, turmeric), sugarcane, root and tuber crops (ginger, taro, tannia, giant swamp taro, yams, cassava, sweet potato, potato, miscellaneous) coconut and other palms, miscellaneous cash crops. A special category is included for annual reports of the Department of Agriculture/Ministry of Primary Industries/Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests (MAFF). An index of authors is also included. Scientific names of crops are entered in italics. Information for this bibliography was extracted from the published and unpublished works held in the library collections in Fiji of MAFF; National Food and Nutrition Committee; the University of South Pacific, Suva-South Pacific and General Collections; and the Trade Forum Secretariat. use -- 4.3. Re
Crops -- Fiji
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