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040 _aspc
050 _a630.94142
111 _aRegional technical meeting on atolls
_d21 -27 April 1982
_cMajuro, Marshall Islands
245 _aRegional technical meeting on atolls
_b(Majuro, Marshall Islands, 21-27 April 1982) : [Meeting Papers]
260 _aNoumea, New Caledonia :
_bSouth Pacific Commission,
300 _avarious paging
505 _tProject to increase self-sufficiency on atolls
_gWP 1
505 _tSoils of low and raised south pacific atolls
_gWP 2
_rBy M. Latham
505 _tIncreased self-sufficiency in health in the atoll environment
_rBy Richard Taylor
_gWP 3
505 _tDesign and development of a solar still greenhouse
_rBy the Nuclear Studies Center, Grenoble, France
_gWP 4
505 _tVegetable production in Tokelau
_rBy Semu Uili
_gWP 5
505 _tProspects of an improved production of coconut trees on coral soils with the introduction of hybrids-coconuts
_rBy C.H. Calvez
_gWP 6
505 _tUse of coconut by-products as fuel
_rBy J.C. Paulet
_gWP 7
505 _tUse of coconut oil as fuel
_rBy J.C. Paulet
_gWP 8
505 _tAn overview of activities on Guam related to atoll cultivation
_rBy S. Winter
_gWP 9
505 _tGroundwater resources and development on atoll islands
_rBy J. Ayers
_gWP 10
505 _tSmall-stock farming on atolls - some thoughts on development prospects
_rBy Dr Daniel Bregeat
_gWP 11
505 _tCiguatera fish poisoning in the Tuamotu atolls
_rBy R. Bagnis
_gWP 12
505 _tAn integrated methodology for controlling Aedes Aegypti, vector of dengue haemorrhagic fever in islands of the Pacific
_rAdapted from a report to the SPC and the IDRC, by Marshall Laird
_gWP 13
505 _tDiversification of crops and introduction of new species and varieties in order to increase the atolls' self-sufficiency in foodstuffs
_rBy Michel Lambert
_gWP 14
505 _tVegetable cultivation in a coralline medium
_rBy Jean-Louis Reboul and Robert Yau-Akui
_gWP 15
505 _tSelection of a local tall coconut palm suitable for cultivation in a coralline medium
_rBy Jean-Louis Reboul and Philippe Taputuarai
_gWP 16
505 _tMineral fertilisation of coconut palms on atoll soils
_rBy Jean-Louis Reboul and Philippe Taputuarai
_gWP 17
505 _tUse of paraffin poison bait to limit attacks by rats on atoll coconut groves
_rBy Jean-Louis Reboul and Philippe Taputuarai
_gWP 18
505 _tPresentation of a gas generator and a diesel-and-gas engine: copra oil used as fuel for diesel engines
_rBy S.A. Electricité de Tahiti
_gWP 19
505 _tEvaluation of work on the use of compost made from coconut palm leaves for vegetables cultivation
_rBy Lycée d'enseignement agricole(Agricultural Technical School) Opunohu, Moorea, French Polynesia
_gWP 20
505 _tProspects for a campagn against mosquitoes and biting flies in the Tuamotu atolls (French Polynesia)
_rBy J.M. Klein and F. Riviere
_gWP 21
505 _tAtoll self-sufficiency: foods and nutrition
_rBy N.S. Wekam
_gWP 22
505 _tReview of studies being carried out in French Polynesia on various gas-producers
_rBy the Rural Economy Department, Papeete, Tahiti
_gWP 23
505 _tObtaining fresh water from salt or brackish water by use of the osmosis unit at Ouvea (Loyalty Islands)
_rBy J.M. Carnus
_gWP 24
505 _tSoil and water salinity aspects of irrigated agriculture on atolls
_rBy S.A. El-Swaify
_gWP 25
505 _tPopulation, migration and problems of atoll development
_rBy John Connell
_gWP 26
505 _tThe University of the South Pacific's role in atoll research: extension and teaching relating to agriculture
_rBy D.A. Slade
_gWP 27
505 _tSolar and wind energy potential on atolls
_rJ.C. Paulet
505 _tFisheries development - An Atoll perspective
_rBy B. Smith
_gWP 29
505 _tUtilisation of coconut tree and coral stone in the Republic of Maldives
_rBy A.R. Hussain
_gWP 30
505 _tThe atolls of north Solomons provincial government (Formally Bougainville) in Papua New Guinea
_gIP 1
505 _tCook Islands
_gIP 2
505 _tSelf-sufficiency in atolls
_rBy George L. Chan
_gIP 3
505 _tTonga
_gIP 4
505 _tFederated States of Micronesia
_gIP 5
505 _tKiribati
_gIP 6
505 _tAmerican Samoa
_gIP 7
505 _tFiji
_gIP 8
505 _tMarshall Islands
_gIP 9
505 _tPapua New Guinea
_gIP 10
505 _tTokelau
_gIP 11
505 _tTuvalu
_gIP 12
505 _tNiue
_gIP 13
505 _tSolomon Islands
_gIP 14
505 _tNouvelle-Calédonie
_gIP 15
505 _tVanuatu
_gIP 16
505 _tPolynesie Française
_gIP 17
505 _tProject of increase self sufficiency on atolls - Country profile Republic Maldive
_gIP 18
505 _tSummary of priorities
_gIP 19
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942 _cMP
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